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Holy shit guys!

2008-12-24 17:31:57 by 9331111

I never thought these things really happend, but my computer died.
With my computer i lost the updated version of "Yuri/Yaoi Hentai"
I'd try to salvage to harddrive somehow, but im not really that good at computers :P I'll try to find the updated one, I'm sure that i uploaded it on spamtheweb or some other site.

Old Computer = DEAD
New Computer= ALIVE ^^


2008-11-02 04:54:09 by 9331111

Today i was Unbanned ;D


2008-10-28 08:22:59 by 9331111

I was banned again :D

(altho it was for a pretty shitty reason, i mean seriously, why would i spam for 1+?)

Made Game

2008-10-24 14:43:39 by 9331111

I created my first hentai Gallery today, i know its not that good,

But i will improve it over time ^^


2008-10-20 13:43:59 by 9331111

Today i recieved my first BBS Ban! :D

i feel special...


2008-09-27 20:00:46 by 9331111

Today my First Flash-Game made it thru Judgement!

Check it out, NOW!

i must say, im pretty happy with it

Just added some smexy backrounds, ^^

Nothing really

2008-05-25 05:42:52 by 9331111

Hello visitors, IF you are zombies please stand over there *points to death-trap*

Now, i assume the rest of you are humans? good!
Welcome to my site ^^ haven made any flash yet :'( but its on my top-10 list of things to do :P

Anyways, cya all later!